Friday, July 10, 2020

List Of Iran Summer 2020 Explosions

List of Iran Summer 2020 Explosions:
  • 26 June: Blast at a liquid fuel production facility for ballistic missiles in Khojir, close to Parchin, near Tehran; fire at power plant in Shiraz, causing a blackout
  • 30 June: Explosion at a medical clinic in Tehran, 19 people killed
  • 2 July: Blast and fire at Natanz nuclear site
  • 3 July: Large fire in Shiraz
  • 4 July: Explosion and fire in power plant in Ahwaz; 
  • 4 July  Chlorine gas leak at Karoun petrochemical plant in Mahshahr
  • 7 July Baqershahr Factory

Seven so far.....more to come......

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