Friday, July 10, 2020

Ms. Leila Vaseqi The Governor Of Tehran 'Shahre Quds' Denied Any Explosion In The City Of Shahre Qods And Garmdareh.....Boom Boom...

Looking at her I am reminded of what Pagan Aristotle had said: 

Again, the evil practices of the last and worst form of democracy are all found in tyrannies. Such are the power given to women in their families in the hope that they will inform against their husbands, and the license which is allowed to slaves in order that they may betray their masters; for slaves and women do not conspire against tyrants; and they are of course friendly to tyrannies and also to democracies, since under them they have a good time. For the people too would fain be a monarch, and therefore by them, as well as by the tyrant, the flatterer is held in honor; in democracies he is the demagogue; and the tyrant also has those who associate with him in a humble spirit, which is a work of flattery. Aristotle Politics Bk 4 part xi

Governor: No explosion in Iran's Shahre Qods, Garmdareh

Tehran (IP) - The governor of Tehran 'Shahre Quds' denied any explosion in the city of Shahre Qods and Garmdareh, saying: "The published story was a rumor."

Iran Press/ Iran News: Leila Vaseqi, the governor of Shahre Qods, stated that no explosion took place in the Shahre Qods and even Garmdareh, and the power outage in front of the 12 Bahman hospital at 10 pm last night was for 5 minutes. The official stressed that none of the security agencies confirm the sound of the explosion in Shahre Qods and Garmdareh, and the published story has been a rumor. Last night rumors and fake images about hearing the sound of an explosion and power outage in the west of Tehran province made headlines in cyberspace. The image which is being spread in cyberspace as the explosion of the west of Tehran is related to the bombing of the Zionist regime in Gaza. Field observations by reporters in the Shahre Qods do not confirm any explosive noise, and people spent a quiet night in western Tehran. Source

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