Sunday, October 14, 2018

Belgium: MUSLIM Mechanic Wrecks Two F-16 Fighter Jets After Firing The Gatling Cannon Of A Third F-16!

Pictured: Moment $19m F-16 fighter jet EXPLODES and another is damaged in Belgium after mechanic repairing a third jet accidentally opened fire with its Gatling cannon

A multi-million-pound fighter jet exploded and another was damaged when a mechanic accidentally opened fire from a third plane during maintenance. The F-16 Falcon jet, worth around $19million (£15million), was destroyed in the blaze as it was parked at a military base in Belgium and the second plane sitting next to it suffered fire damage from the on-board Gatling cannon. Two technicians working on the Belgian Air Force stealth planes were said to have been injured in the incident at the Florennes air base, 60 miles south of Brussels, on Thursday afternoon. It is understood maintenance staff were repairing the F-16 which was parked in a hangar near the control tower, just out of sight of the third jet, when the volley of shots was accidentally fired. Source

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