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Philippines: Cavite Mayor Village Naldie Secretario Shot And Killed During Dance Competition

Village chief shot dead during dance competition in the Philippines 

This is the horrifying moment a village dance competition turned from joy to terror as gunshots rang out and a council chief was shot dead and four wounded. Residents were taking part in an event last night (October 9) when one of the acts had finished and a gunman opened fire at 10pm in Cavite, Philippines. Village Naldie Secretario, 46, was killed and at least four other people injured after being hit by bullets from the two masked assassins who fled into the darkness. Chilling footage of the incidents shows locals screaming as they run away in fear. Police are now investigating the alleged murder in the drug and crime-ridden region some 25 miles from the capital Manila. Onlookers in the town of Silang told officers that two men believed to be the assassin fled on motorcycles shortly after the shots were fired. Guards tried to chase the men but they lost sight of them. Resident Jiana Paler said: ''It was horrific. Everybody was in shock and panic. I am so sad for the family of the village leader. We are all praying for him and his relatives.'' Senior Inspector Norman Castao, commander of the Bulihan Police Community Precinct which covers the village of Yakal where the shooting happened, said four residents watching the dance contest were also injured. He said: ''At the crime scene there were shells recovered from the caliber .45 guns. Police are still investigating the motive of the shooting.'' Chief Inspector Resty Soriano said that the village chairman was rushed to hospital but later pronounced dead. ''He had been shot at close range,'' the policeman added. Source


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