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Following up post from 6 JULY:

I did say on 6 JULY that I will post the THIRD "GAS" Explosion.......

Five days later.....

Kentucky Fried BOOM! Security cameras capture the shocking moment a KFC explodes and is razed to the ground in a possible gas leak which also damaged nearby homes

The moment a KFC is completely obliterated in an early morning explosion was captured by surveillance footage.   The KFC located on North Van Buren Road in Eden, North Carolina exploded at around 12.30am Thursday morning, leaving behind little more than debris, shattered glass and a lone, still standing KFC sign.  Luckily, no one was inside when the blast occurred and no injuries were reported.  The surveillance clips show multiple angles of the destructive blast and the surrounding damage.  The footage was captured by surveillance cameras from nearby store, Eden Drugs.  The first angle shows the KFC becoming completely engulfed in the blast, causing the surrounding area to become smothered in debris.  Smoke billows from the now leveled restaurant and a nearby wire pole sparks violently from the blast.  The force of the blast shatters the lights outside in the near empty parking lot of Eden Drugs.  Inside, the store visibly shakes with signs falling and items tumbling off the shelves.  Source

Well I guess this is a new trend...building blowing up and the authorities don't know why....


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