Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Eleven Muslim Men Who Gang Raped And Murdered Christine Dacera Claim They Are Innocent Because They Are All Homosexual Muslims.....


Final moments of air stewardess found dead in bathtub after being 'gang raped' at NY's Eve party in luxury Philippines hotel emerge as one of 11 alleged attackers says they're all innocent because they are gay 

CCTV stills show the final moments of Christine Dacera before she was allegedly gang-raped and killed in a hotel room in the Phillippines. It comes as one of the gang-rape suspects has maintained his innocence by insisting he and the other 10 men who were present on the night of her death were homosexual. The flight attendant from General Santos City was found dead in a bathtub and rushed to the hospital on the morning of January 1. Prior to her death, Christine checked in at the hotel with three male friends for a New Year's party where more men joined them. She is seen in one of the images holding a glass of wine as several men follow her to the room. Makati police chief Colonel Harold Depositar said the 23-year-old had injuries on her arms and legs with traces of sperm on her private parts, which police claim was rape and homicide. He said: 'Only three of them were Dacera’s friends. 'The others were practically strangers to her, as they were only known to her three friends.' Source

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  1. What an excuse. In prisons, men do men...yet most of them aren't gay. Some people are pigs and when a person turns their backside to them they don't tend to deliberate long and primal animal instinct takes over. RIP Christine.