Sunday, November 1, 2015

Question We Have A Right To Ask In A Democracy: Is Benedict Cumberbatch A Muslim Convert? Will Benedict Cumberbatch Perform Hamlet For ISIS?

"... the usual means of showing your prowess and strength just won't work with this [ISIS]. You can't kill an idea with bombs -- in fact, you often strengthen ideas with bombs. To really understand is how we're going to be able to start combating it, and changing it."

"isn't always the bad thing to do, and if you've got people on the ground who are part the movement who could help us understand ISIS better instead of... [...just saying "Let's bomb the shit out of them]."

"Why wouldn't we want to learn from them [ISIS]what the hell is going on over there? What made them [ISIS] want to do it? Who recruited them [ISIS],  and how to stop the recruiting? What, we just shut the problem out?" 

Pretty Eyes....

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