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Weak Roman Catholic Piers Morgan is a damn fool.

England has willfully flooded its very own country with MUSLIMS! 

Here the latest form the 'writer' comparing the current UK politicians with Churchill:
After Paris we all must brace ourselves for more blood. But - as Churchill said about the Nazi barbarians - we must never, ever give in 
Here is Morgan's solution to Muslim terrorists:
It's time they get very serious, very quickly. America, China, Russia and Europe must come together and formulate a concerted plan to rid the planet of this vile scourge. To do so successfully, they will need the help, politically and militarily, of Arab nations.  Daily Mail Read More>>>>
No, Morgan you  disgrace to the Catholic Church, the solution of the current 'war' is to send ALL Muslims back to whence they came!


If they refuse to leave  -then shoot the lot of them.

This is the only solution to the Muslim question.

All politicians that allowed Europe to be flooded with Muslims should be arrested and then hung.

Oh...but you can't write like this because your part of the problem.

Roman Catholics like you are a disgrace.


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