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Ann Barnhardt Is Making Death Threats Against Hillary Clinton Again......

Like I have said before, this psychopathic bitch doesn’t just need to be NOT “elected” “President” of the kabuki theater evil clownshow in Washington; she needs to be arrested, tried for Crimes Against Humanity and Crimes Against Peace, and upon conviction, be offered the sacraments and then put up against a wall and shot. Her dead body should then be hoisted or hung for public display. At this point, what difference does it make? Read More>>>>>>
Really? Ann has the patience to wait for some lawfully organized treason trail for Hillary Clinton with the favorable outcome of death by firing squad.....yea right...Ann ain't gonna wait...she wants some nut case to do the dirty deed for her....remember Oklahoma City bombing?

Hey idiot Ann, even if you get your desired wish that Hillary is not elected that doesn't mean that one can not fill her shoes. You moron. It called Democracy. Another one will get put in her place that is just as bad as you make Hillary out to be.

Maybe you know this, maybe you're just a typical political terrorist like your protestant ancestors were.

Oh as aside note...Ann believes that Benghazi was all about running guns and somehow Chris Stevens had his hands on Soviet Era Missile systems that somehow got into the hands of ISIS who then shot down the Russian Plane. Ann being the agent that she is, said that the Soviet Era Missile Launchers could hit aircraft flying above 30,000 feet! Really? name one plane that was shot down using said missile system, thus verifying the veracity of the Soviet claims? Name one incident.

Oh...and please by all means show me the track marks in the sand left by the Vehicles launching said missile! LOL!

Oh and please show a video of the launch! ISIS likes to take credit so a Video of the launch is the best evidence yet! Again LOL!

Oh..wait the ISIS iphones only take videos of the sky & are not able to take videos of whats on the ground!!

Hey Ann, you paid agent, let me show you an actual Video of Muslims showing a rocket launch from the ground shooting missile into a Plane and the end result -I think this is a bona fide Video:

Yea...something like the rocket launch from the ground with a bunch of Muslim yelling Allahu Akbar!  as the plane is struck (or in this case Dumbo) and the video continues with the plane crashing to the ground (or as in this case Dumbo) & then the Muslims celebrating like they did with 9/11 etc....

Never trust a woman convert who stockpiles weapons and turns the Mother of God into some gun nut.


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