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Nazis At Daily Stormer Love G.K. Chesterton & Distributism!


Distributism is the third way....its not communism, fascism, or Capitalism...or so we are told.

Its all bullshit.

Distributists are an evil lot, who have a lot in common with Muslims.

Muslims create mini Caliphates in the cities and towns they invade.

White Distributists desire to create their own version of the Muslim Caliphate.

Did you ever wonder why Hitler took in Muslims as allies?

What? because the Muslims hated Jews? No, its more than that. Birds of a feather and all that!

Same goes with the evil white Distributists who are Nazis at heart but deny it.

Over at the Nazi website Daily Stormer there is a posting of Distributism written by The Distributist Review. Here is what the Nazi has to say:
What is Distributism? [Editor’s Note: Distributism is an economic model that seeks to avoid the evils of both capitalism and socialism. While focused on traditionalist Catholicism rather than ethno-nationalism, it provides many useful arguments and ideas for anyone interested in forging a third way between the two dominant economic paradigms of today.] The Distributist Review July 14, 2013
Read the apology by The Distributist Review posted on the Nazi website or watch the true to life satire:


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