Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nazis Love Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift is Aryan Supergoddess?

Andre Anglin is the Nazi behind Daily Stormer.

Reading his blog - it seems as if Nazi Anglin is no intellectual heavyweight, & he spends most of his waking hours playing video games, watching TV, Movies & porn and listening to Pop Music - I'm sure the other part of his day is playing with his guns & with himself ( I don't think Nazis have rules on purity of life being homos and whatnot) And of course his drinking binges for days at a time & watching Soccer. Does Anglin google the owners of the Soccer clubs to see if their Jewish before getting shit face at the beautiful game?

I'm sure that Anglin is aware that the Jews he hates controls the media he wallows in.

Can Anglin quit all forms of Media and read nothing but 750 pages of Mein Kampf all the way through?

No. I bet his focus is weak like his will, 'cept when it comes to engaging in his perverted passions.

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