Sunday, May 29, 2016

Weapon Of Choice AR-15: Shoot Out At Houston Gas Station Leaves Two Gunmen Dead And Six Wounded

Shoot-out in suburbia: Assault rifle-wielding men cause chaos across Houston - riddling cars with bullets, killing a bystander and setting a gas station on fire as they engage in wild gun battle

Two men have died and six are woundedafter gunmen unleashed an hours-long random attack on a residential street in Houston, police said. Gunshots were first heard at 10.15am in west Houston, Texas. When officers arrived, the suspects turned their fire to the police and began showering bullets, seemingly at random, across the streets. One bullet hit a gas pump, sparking a fire. Dozens of cars were hit by stray bullets, narrowly missing drivers who were passing through the quiet residential area. At 12.30pm, a civilian was shot dead in his car as a bullet burst through the window. Minutes later, one of the armed men shot the other suspect dead. The surviving gunman was then shot and wounded by a SWAT team officer. He was taken to hospital. During the shooting, two officers were shot - one in the hand and one in his body but survived thanks to his bulletproof vest, according to ABC13. Another three civilians were also shot and wounded. Both gunmen were armed with assault rifles, believed to be AR-15s, police said.  Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

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