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Our Lady Of La Salette On Terrorism Fears Feed the Rise of France’s Extreme Right

“France, Italy, Spain, and England will be at war. Blood will flow in the streets. Frenchman will fight Frenchman, Italian will fight Italian. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879) 

Our Lady of La Salette warned the west of the Muslim invasion and Muslim Terror attacks.

How so?

She said "Frenchman will fight Frenchman, Italian will fight Italian."

Have you noticed that the French Media ALWAYS calls a Muslim Terrorist who illegally immigrated to France - A FRENCHMAN.

Same goes for the Italians and English etc.

The Media hides the fact that these Muslim Terrorists are MUSLIMS. This is why the Media always calls Muslim Terrorists a Frenchman Englishman German Italian etc...... 

So we get "Frenchman will fight Frenchman, Italian will fight Italian."

And I get to laugh at their destruction.

You're welcome

Terrorism Fears Feed the Rise of France’s Extreme Right

PARIS — “Marine Le Pen does not have to say anything,” said Alain Frachon, a former editor of the French daily Le Monde. “Each time France is hit by terrorism, the extreme right benefits.” Mr. Frachon was reflecting on the fatal stabbing Friday of a police officer by a Tunisian immigrant who had been in France for a decade without legal status before securing authorization to stay in 2019 and a temporary residence permit last year. In fact, Ms. Le Pen, the leader of the far-right National Rally, did say something. She told the BFM-TV news network that France needs “to expel hundreds of thousands of illegals in France. We need to return to reason. Support our police, expel the illegals, eradicate Islamism.” How, she asked, was it possible for “somebody who was illegally here for 10 years to have his situation regularized?” In France, where tensions are simmering after a series of terrorist attacks, Ms. Le Pen’s rhetoric resonates. The left, which is in tatters, bereft of an effective leader or message, appears to have no answer for the moment. France is divided between vehement supporters of the police on the right, who view the force as beleaguered by the government and exposed to the double threat of vandalism and Islamist terrorism, and a left that has focused on repeated cases of police violence and the state of some French Muslims in ghettoized suburbs of misery. In the attack on Friday, a 49-year-old police officer, identified only as Stéphanie and a mother of two, was stabbed in the neck in Rambouillet, a prosperous town southwest of Paris known for the beautiful grounds of its chateau. Her death will further sharpen this social battle, with its clear echoes of American divisions over the role of the police. Source


"I didn't see, I don't see any Great Pope or Great Monarch before an extremely great tribulation, horrifying, terrible and general for all Christendom. But before that time, twice there will be a short lived peace; TWO shaky, servile, doubtful popes" Mélanie


“The great chastisement will come, because men will not be converted; yet it is only their conversion that can hinder these scourges. God will begin to strike men by inflicting lighter punishments in order to open their eyes; then He will stop, or may repeat His former warnings to give place for repentance. But sinners will not avail themselves of these opportunities; He will, in consequence, send more severe castigations, anxious to move sinners to repentance, but all in vain. Finally, the obduracy of sinners shall draw upon their heads the greatest and most terrible calamities. Mélanie

“We are all guilty! Penance is not done, and sin increases daily. Those who should come forward to do good are retained by fear. Evil is great. A moderate punishment serves only to irritate the spirits, because they view all things with human eyes. God could work a miracle to convert and change the aspect of the earth without chastisement. God will work a miracle; it will be a stroke of His mercy; but after the wicked shall have inebriated themselves with blood, the scourge shall arrive Mélanie

“What countries shall be preserved from such calamities? Where shall we go for refuge? I, in my turn, shall ask, What is the country that observes the commandments of God? What country is not influenced by human fear where the interest of the Church and the glory of God are at stake? (Ah, indeed! What country, what nation upon earth?) In behalf of my Superior and myself, I have often asked myself where we could go for refuge, had we the means for the journey and for our subsistence, on condition that no person were to know it? But I renounce these useless thoughts. We are very guilty! In consequence of this, it is necessary that a very great and terrible scourge should come to revive our faith, and to restore to us our very reason, which we have almost entirely lost. Mélanie

Victim of Jesus nee MELANIE CALVAT,
Shepherdess of La Salette

"I protest highly against a different text, which people may dare publish after my death. I protest once more against the very false statements of all those who dare say and write First that I embroidered the Secret; second, against those who state that the Queen Mother did not say to transmit the Secret to all her people." Mélanie

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