Wednesday, June 30, 2021

London: Muslim Immigrant Beheads Mee Kuen Chong, 67, Leaves Headless Body In Devon Woodland

uighur muslim immigrants?

Headless body of missing pensioner, 67, is found by a dog walker in Devon woodland two weeks after she vanished from her London home - as detectives launch investigation into 'unexplained' death 

The headless body of a missing pensioner has been found by a dog walker in Devon woodland two weeks after she vanished from her London home. Police have launched an investigation into the 'unexplained' death of Mee Kuen Chong, 67, after her body was found in Salcombe on Sunday. Mee, who is also known as Deborah, was reported missing from her Wembley home on Friday, June 11. Devon and Cornwall police have described the death as 'unexplained' following the discovery in a wooded area near Bennett Road, Salcombe. Police said: 'A number of inquiries will be carried out in Salcombe over the coming days, and it is likely that the local community will continue to see a high level of police activity.'Police sources said the body had been decapitated. The police investigation will switch to her London home 220 miles away from where the grey-haired pensioner was found. One woman staying in a holiday home near the scene, who gave her name only as Diane, said a lot of people were 'frightened' following the discovery. She said: 'I don't think many people know much about it yet - but it has frightened a lot of people. For Salcombe, something like this is really shocking. Source


  1. Rubish reporting .... The title is very misleading.

    1. How so? The women who beheaded Mee Kuen Chong, 67, is UNNAMED. So please tell me the name of the Murderer?

  2. Oh and tell me how many MUSLIMS live in Kilburn? 25% 30% of the population. Right? The woman who was arrested lives in KIlburn.