Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Muslim Convert Nathan Allen Who Knew Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Grew Out His Muslim Beard Rammed A Box Truck Into House And Shot Two Blacks To Death....

Muslim Beard And Gun

Another cover up.

Nathan Allen Who Knew Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Nathan Allen converted to Islam

Nathan Allen is an Anti-Semite as are ALL Muslims

Nathan Allen had hatred for Blacks as ALL light skinned (brown) Muslims do.

Nathan Allen separated from his wife

Nathan Allen grew out his Muslim beard.

Nathan Allen rammed a box truck into a house 

Nathan Allen shot dead two blacks.

Nathan Allen is a Muslim terrorist.

Let's start with how Black Muslims and Blacks in general are treated by light skinned (brown) Muslims:

“Black Muslims are getting tired of being considered less of a Muslim than Brown people

Most of my family and friends are Black African Muslims, so to me being Black and Muslim is the most common and normal thing in the world. When I went to the UK, however, I noticed that it wasn't the same for everybody. Many Muslims in Great Britain are of Arab or South-Asian descent, so-called Brown people or non-Black POC [people of colour]. Although we share common experiences due to White supremacy, they can perpetrate anti-Blackness and Afrophobia.

Being in England was an eye-opening experience and it was the first time in my life that I found myself in a big Muslim community. Before that I only shared my faith with my family and close friends.

At first, I was happy that so many Muslims were around me but very soon I realised that it wasn't that great. Although there were many Muslims of African descent, Muslim places were often dominated by Arabs and Desi (people of South Asian descent). It didn't strike me at first, because we were all together in the name of Islam, but little by little I started feeling not so connected with my brothers and sisters in religion.

This was the main reason why I didn't join my ISoc (Islamic Society) in the university I was in. Everything or the vast majority of what was organised was to raise awareness and help populations in Syria, Palestine and other Middle-East countries. Now, don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful thing to do because they need our help. What was disturbing in my view was the utter disregard towards Muslim countries in Africa.

Half of the continent practices Islam; many African Muslim countries face difficulties but no one seemed to care. When I realised that I understood that I didn't belong in there. The fact that I felt more connected, comfortable with and closer to other Blacks, even if we didn't share the same belief, than with non-Black Muslims is quite telling. Anti-Blackness and Afrophobia is present everywhere.

I did, however, go to a couple of events and lectures and the only time they talked of Africa was when speaking of witchcraft.

Personally, I haven't had any negative experience with Arab or Desi Muslims (because I'm mostly surrounded by Black Muslims of African descent) but I know people who've had. They were called slaves, Black women were called whores, some thought that Black people couldn't possibly be Muslims and others changed place in a mosque so as not to sit near a Black person.

Our contribution to Islam is often ignored and/or forgotten. I wonder how many people of Arab descent living in North Africa and in the Middle-East know about Mansa Musa for example. He is considered to be the richest person in history. During his famous pilgrimage to Mecca he stopped in Cairo and gave so much gold away that it took 12 years for Egypt to recover from inflation. 

Once my cousin told me that she had read a tweet by a Muslim of Arab descent wishing a happy eid to all Muslims. She mentioned every single Muslim country (even tiny islands no one knows of) but didn't mention a single sub-Saharan African country. When asked why she said I couldn't have written all of them, they're in the three dots. Half of Africa reduced to this ...

Black Muslims are getting tired of being considered less of a Muslim than Brown people and to have our experiences and the intersectionality of being Black and Muslim silenced and ignored. Thanks to #BlackinMSA more people are sharing and getting to know what it means.

After reading the above  I hope you understand that light skinned Muslims do not like Blacks.
Hey guess what?

Calling Nathan Allen a white supremacists is NOT going to stop Muslim Terror attacks in this country. 

There will be increased terror attacks from Muslims like Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev or terror attacks by Muslim converts like Nathan Allen.

Lying about it, is not going to stop it.

So go ahead and ask the wife of Nathan Allen on his love for Islam

I won't be surprised if google deletes this post.

Here is mis-information from the Daily Mail:

REVEALED: White supremacist, 28, who killed two black bystanders before being shot dead by police married his college sweetheart nine months ago at her 92-year-old grandfather's nursing home 

On his social media Nathan Allen cultivated an image of a mild-manner healthcare professional who was in love with his newlywed wife, cared for rabbits and enjoyed European travel, but authorities in Massachusetts say that in private he harbored hate for black and Jewish people, which on Saturday exploded into deadly violence. Officials say Allen, a physical therapist with a doctorate who previously attended college with Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, crashed a stolen box truck into a home in Winthrop and then gunned down David Green, a 68-year-old retired Massachusetts State Police trooper, and Romana Cooper, a 60-year-old Air Force veteran, both black. A Winthrop police sergeant who responded to the scene shot and killed Allen moments after the homicidal rampage began. Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins said during a press conference on Monday that Allen walked past several other people who were not black and didn't harm them.Rollins also revealed that among Allen's possessions detectives found drawings of swastikas, along with 'troubling' racist and anti-Semitic statements written in his hand, which exalted the superiority of the white race and described whites as ‘apex predators. 'We are learning more every day, but I am confident saying that there was hate in this man’s heart,' Rollins told reporters. The district attorney added that investigators believe Allen acted alone, but they are still trying to determine when and how he became radicalized. Source

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