Friday, February 26, 2021

Capri Sun & ADM DOOM! ADM & Capri Sun Targeted By Terrorists? First The Parcel Bomb Then 235ft Superyacht Owned By Capri Sun Billionaire Hans Peter Wild, 79, Crashes Into Dock In St Maarten

Moment 235ft superyacht worth £65m owned by Capri Sun billionaire crashes into dock in St Maarten after computer malfunction 

This is the moment a £65million superyacht smashed into a luxury Caribbean yacht club's pier, causing 'very significant' damage, after suffering a computer malfunction. The 235ft-long turquoise-hulled vessel is owned by Capri Sun juice tycoon Hans Peter Wild, 79 - who is valued at £2billion, according to Forbes, but it is not yet clear whether he was on board at the time. Footage shows the superyacht GO - which has a helipad, gym, steam room, swimming pool and its own hospital onboard - plough into a wooden jetty and concrete dock wall in Simpson Bay, St Maarten, on Wednesday. In one video, an onlooker can be heard saying 'oh my God' over and over again. In another clip, a witness said: 'It's hitting concrete now. What's going on?' It is not yet known how much it could cost to repair the vessel or the dock, but a manager for the yacht club suggested repairs could take months.  Source

Something is up.....

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