Saturday, February 20, 2021

United Airlines Boeing 777 With 241 People On Board Makes Emergency Landing In Denver After Its Engine Exploded Mid-Flight

United Airlines Boeing 777 with 241 people on board makes emergency landing in Denver after its engine exploded mid-flight and rained down enormous pieces of debris onto Colorado homes

A United Airlines flight bound for Hawaii was forced to make an emergency landing shortly after taking off from Denver after suffering major damage to one of its engines and dropping huge pieces of debris over a neighborhood in Colorado as dramatic audio from the mayday call reveals the pilot asking air traffic control to immediately turn the aircraft around. Flight UA328, which was carrying 231 passengers and 10 crew members, suffered serious engine failure shortly after takeoff from Denver, the Federal Aviation Administration said on Saturday. There were no reported injuries either on board or on the ground. The Boeing 777-200, which was scheduled to fly to Honolulu in Hawaii, diverted back to Denver and landed safely at 1:30pm local time, about 30 minutes after takeoff. Source

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