Sunday, December 6, 2015

What Does Christmas Have To Do With Guns? Apostate Catholic Michele Fiore & Family Pose With Guns...Not A Manger Scene In Sight!!!

Why bother bitch? Why bother to celebrate Christmas at all when you mock the Birth of Jesus posing with guns. Can any of you gun nuts tell me what guns have to do with Christmas Mass? Please tell me.  I bet this Catholic hasn't been to confession in a very long time & the only reason she shows up to Mass on Christmas day will be to be seen by others.

How much do you wanna bet that this demented bitch and her brood of vipers carry fire arms to Mass?

How much?

A Nevada Republican assemblywoman is using her family's annual Christmas portrait to show her support for the Second Amendment. Michele Fiore, who represents Clark Country District 4 in Las Vegas, posted her family's portrait on Facebook December 1. The picture shows Fiore with nine family members dressed in blue jeans and red tops, with many accessorizing with a variety of guns. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

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