Saturday, December 26, 2015

LOL! Muslim Dell Employee From Hyderabad Syen Emad Hasan Kidnapped His Female Colleague And Raped Her For Five Days 'To Convince Her To Convert To Islam'

Since 99% of non-Muslims are so politically correct in defending Islam and Muslims - I think its about time to mock the hapless and clueless victims of Islam. I bet that this woman thought Islam was a religion of peace and what not....
Muslim engineer kidnapped his female colleague and raped her for five days 'to convince her to convert to Islam'
An Indian man has been accused of kidnapping and raping a female colleague for five days to force her to convert to Islam. Engineer Syen Emad Hasan, 30, proposed to the 27-year-old woman but she rejected him and said her family would not allow 'an inter-religious marriage', police said. He harassed her until she cut short a work trip to Dubai. When she returned home to confront Hasan, he abducted her, locked her up at his house and took away her phone.Read More>>>>>
At least the goat fucker wasn't fucking a goat.....

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