Saturday, December 26, 2015

Watch Maker To The Cops Michael Stasko Shoots Wife & Daughter Then Kills Self

Audemars M&M Inc.

Edgewater man kills wife, 8-year-old daughter, himself in luxury high-rise, authorities say

Stasko was found with a gunshot wound under his chin, and his wife and daughter had been shot in the backs of their heads, Molinelli said. The shootings could have occurred while the two were sleeping, as they were dressed in pajamas, and as long ago as Tuesday, on Mellie’s eighth birthday, Molinelli said. Along with the bodies, police found a .45-caliber handgun with hollow-point bullets......

Molinelli described the family’s room as “lovely” and “well kept,” including a Christmas tree with presents underneath that were neatly wrapped. He said he did not know whether any of the presents were from Stasko, but there was indication that his daughter loved him. “You see some cards and holiday cards,” he said. “It would appear from the 8-year-old’s standpoint she very much loved her father.” North Jersey Read More>>>>

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