Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dodge Trucks Putting The Ram In Ramadan: One Saudi Muslim Killed, Five Muslims Seriously Injured While Praying - Truck Rams Into Makeshift Prayer Room

Riyadh: One Saudi was killed and five others suffered serious injuries in a freak accident on the highway between Riyadh and Hafar Al-Batin, in the Eastern Province. They were performing the afternoon prayers (Dhohr prayers) when a truck rammed into their makeshift worshipping venue. Sabq said that Civil Defence units are still striving to rescue other worshippers who are stuck under the truck. GDN Online Read More>>>>

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  1. Putting the ram in Ramadan. It would be perfect if the truck was a Dodge!

  2. yea....I guess a Muslim woman just did on the vegas strip....

  3. oh and I'll watch those dams...for Muslim activity

  4. Muslim Assad hangin' out at a Catholic Church? Who asked you Damascus? Take a selfie while you're at it!

    May Ram-a-damn come early to Damnascus.

    1. I can not focus on Damascus... was more interested in Saudi Arabia - thought that Doom was on again for the kingdom....after the above accident took place between truck and makeshift prayer room ....and today 100 die in Saudi Arabia hospital fire .....Doom On... will stay focused on Saudi