Thursday, December 3, 2015

Where Did Syed Rizwan Farook & Tashfeen Malik Learn To Shoot & Train On Weapons They Used To Murder Americans? Saudi Arabia?

Experts on the TV said last night that the shooters were well trained on the weapons they used and the fact that they were able to shoot & throw pipe bombs from a moving vehicle. 

Who taught the two to build pipe bombs?

The TV experts claim that the attacked was well planed out. The attackers knew the response time of the police. How did the married couple know how to track the police response times. The experts claimed that none of this 'talent' is learned from watching You Tube videos.

But that was last night before we found out the two are Muslims.

Maybe now the authorities will back off on the observation that the two were well trained. 

Don't want a International incident with Saudi Arabia who trained and radicalised Syed Rizwan Farook & Tashfeen Malik

We don't want to bomb the shit out of Mecca....just yet...

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