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GK CHESTERTON A CHILD MOLESTING SODOMITE?? Buddies With Homosexual J. M. Barrie The Creator Of Peter Pan

(Left to right) Lord Howard de Walden, William Archer, J.M. Barrie, G.K. Chesterton and Bernard Shaw, in the middle of making the cowboy film How Men Love. From Peter Whitebrook, William Archer: A Biography Pen and pictures no. 3 – J.M. Barrie

GK Chesterton on Peter Pan:

"Peter Pan does not belong to the world of Pan but to the world of Peter" The Everlasting Man (1925)

Seems that the man who wrote Peter Pan was a SODOMITE. So the whole work is the rotten fruit of a child molester. Or you can make the mistake like most weak Catholics do and claim that Peter Pan was somehow truly Catholic - just like most Catholics do with Lord of the Rings and other such works. Here read from a Catholic on the Sodomite work: SYMPATHY FOR HOOK: TOWARD A CHRISTENING OF Peter Pan

Keep in mind that Captain Hook is the Sodomite J. M. Barrie. You wanna sympathize with a Sodomite? You've been sucked in by a child's book.

But what did the greatest writer ever - Chesterton know about the proclivities of J. M. Barrie? Chesterton was familiar with Barrie's works - did Chesterton not pay attention to Barrie's obvious perverted love for boys?

It's not like Chesterton just read the work and never met the author. Chesterton knew the author well.

He even appeared in a movie written by the pervert.

Chesterton on the cowboy film he stared in How Men Love written by his friend J.M. Barrie:

We went down to the waste land in Essex and found our Wild West equipment. But considerable indignation was felt against William Archer; who, with true Scottish foresight, arrived there first and put on the best pair of trousers … We … were rolled in barrels, roped over fake precipices and eventually turned loose in a field to lasso wild ponies, which were so tame that they ran after us instead of our running after them, and nosed in our pockets for pieces of sugar. Whatever may be the strain on credulity, it is also a fact that we all got on the same motor-bicycle; the wheels of which were spun round under us to produce the illusion of hurtling like a thunderbolt down the mountain-pass. When the rest finally vanished over the cliffs, clinging to the rope, they left me behind as a necessary weight to secure it; and Granville-Barker kept on calling out to me to Register Self-Sacrifice and Register Resignation, which I did with such wild and sweeping gestures as occurred to me; not, I am proud to say, without general applause. And all this time Barrie, with his little figure behind his large pipe, was standing about in an impenetrable manner; and nothing could extract from him the faintest indication of why we were being put through these ordeals.

That cowboy film with the queer title How Men Love has never seen the light of day...I wonder why?

Here is a little boy porn WARNING little naked boy butts.....

The above is slide show of J M Barrie's 1901 photographs of George, Jack and Peter Llewelyn Davies boys, taken from the sole surviving copy of "The Boy Castaways":

But by far the darling of Homosexual J. M. Barrie was this little boy Michael Llewelyn Davies:

Michael Llewelyn Davies
Dressed As Peter Pan

‘We all knew Michael was The One,’ Nico Llewelyn Davies

‘Barrie loved him with “a great love”. Robert Boothby

‘Barrie was in love with Michael, ‘as he was in love with my mother’ Nico Llewelyn Davies

Michael Llewelyn Davies committed suicide by drowning himself at the age of 20:

Why commit suicide? Why did Peter Pan kill himself?

Because Michael Llewelyn Davies was a homosexual.

Where did Michael Llewelyn Davies learn the art of Sodomy?

From his "Uncle" J. M. Barrie the close friend of GK Chesterton.

At what age was Michael Llewelyn Davies introduced to Sodomy by Barrie?  Probably two years old when in 1902 Barrie took the little boy and his mother to Paris. Barrie left his own wife behind!

When they got back from the Paris trip Barrie did a bizarre thing - he posted pictures of the boy on the walls of his home telling his wife how much he loved the boy and his brothers.

In 1906 Barrie desperately wanted to take the mother and the son again to Paris again - but the mother said the boy was sick.

After the father died in 1907- Barrie took control over the family. He was their benefactor taking the boys on annual trips to Scotland.

Did Barrie Sodomize all five of the boys - George, Jack, Peter, Michael & Nico? Sure enough.

In 1910 the mother died! Leaving the five boys at the mercy of Uncle Sodomite.

Now you have to ask yourself where was GK Chesterton during all this Sodomite drama? 

Well Uncle Sodomite was in legal possession of the five boys in 1910 and the above cowboy photo taken from the movie HOW MEN LOVE was in 1914.

So GK Chesterton was in close proximity to Barrie when J. M. Barrie was buggering little boys.

Could not GK Chesterton smell the stench of sodomy on Barrie? Or if Chesterton did know maybe GK was just fine with Barrie Sodomizing little boys.  I'm betting the greatest writer ever with very keen insights and with the gift of prophecy knew damn well what Barrie was up to.

Hell even the other Davis boys - George, Jack, Peter & Nico knew of the obsessive perverted love that Barrie had for Michael.

And one of Michael's friends Robert Boothby on first meeting Barrie could tell that Barrie was a perverted man.

After Eton, Michael went up to Christ Church, Oxford. It was there that Boothby met Barrie, and saw at once where his friend’s problems lay. ‘It was an unhealthy relationship. He was an unhealthy little man, Barrie, you know? I mean in a mental sense.’ Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

Oh but the wisest man living at the time didn't have a clue!!! GK Chesterton was a clueless idiot!!

So what became of Peter Pan?

Sodomite Michael Llewelyn Davies had two other homo lovers

1. Roger Senhouse  - Eaton 1913
2. Rupert Buxton  - Christ Church, Oxford

Why did Peter Pan love men? Because that's what Captain Hook or Uncle Sodomite taught him to do.

Gay lovers Michael Llewelyn Davies & Rupert Buxton made themselves a homo suicide pact by engaging in their final act of Sodomy in the Sandford Pool. Both drowned, found the next day naked and intertwined.....

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