Sunday, May 20, 2018

Ramadan DOOM! Muslim Celebrates Ramadan By Stabbing Two Germans!

Germany: Muslim migrant seriously injures two people, stabbing one in the neck 

Neubrandenburg – A 29-year-old knifeman on Friday night in Neubrandenburg seriously injured two people with several slashes. As the police announced on Saturday, the Turkish citizen first attacked a 31-year-old man and inflicted severe injuries on his neck. He tried to save himself by running away, but collapsed after a few meters. Subsequently, the 29-year-old attacked a 38-year-old German woman who was known to him, and stabbed her in the back. Subsequently, the attacker fled towards Demminer road, but was arrested shortly thereafter after rapid and extensive search operations. The exact motive for the deed was still unclear on Saturday. However, a relationship could not be excluded, according to a police spokesman….Source

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