Monday, May 7, 2018

Panties Distributism In Action! Obsessed Stalker Left Piles Of Panties No Neighbor's Bed, Car And Porch.......

Obsessed stalker who left piles of panties on his neighbor's bed, car and porch with handwritten notes and had 90 lbs of underwear in his trailer could face 40 years jail 

A Florida man who broke into his neighbor's home and left out piles of panties with notes asking her to wear them could face up to 40 years in jail. Isitro Sanches, dubbed the 'Santa Claus of the neighborhood' for his long white beard, broke into a woman's home multiple times over three months and left piles of underwear inside her home and on her bed, the Panama News Herald reported. The piles were accompanied with notes, which police say 'were written by someone who had some knowledge of the victim and expressed a desire to see the victim wearing the underwear'. The woman told police she had first found eight pairs of panties inside her unlocked car, with a handwritten note attached, in January. Source 

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