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Ramadan DOOM: Woman Claims to Be Saudi Arabian Crown Princess, 'Menaces' Saudi Embassy: Secret Service

Woman Claims to Be Saudi Arabian Crown Princess, 'Menaces' Saudi Embassy: Secret Service

A D.C. woman claimed to be a crown princess of Saudi Arabia, menaced the Saudi Embassy, tried to access the White House and threatened to kill U.S. Secret Service officers, according to an affidavit filed by a U.S. Secret Service officer this week. According to the affidavit, LaToya Mahoney-Smith, who has multiple aliases according to federal investigators, has made multiple attempts to enter the Saudi Arabian embassy on New Hampshire Avenue in northwest D.C., including an attempt after a stay away order was issued. Mahoney-Smith attempted to see the Saudi Arabian ambassador and claimed to have classified documents to give him, the affidavit said. On at least one occasion, Mahoney-Smith said she was the deputy crown princess of Saudi Arabia. On one occasion, Mahoney-Smith threatened to kill Secret Service officers who were removing her from the embassy grounds, according to court records submitted by a Secret Service officer. Source


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